Geology Walk Discussions:
Understanding Our Past


Since 2001, we have used "Geology Walks" led by experts to help ourselves and other members of the lay public better grasp the long-term significance of the land forms in our area. Beginning in March, 2001, David Omick and Pearl Mast, as leaders of the Cascabel Hermitage Association Educational Program, organized the first Hot Springs Canyon Geology Walk, which was guided by Norm (Mick) Meader, a Saguaro Juniper Associate who is also a professional geologist (an Administrative Associate in the Department of Geosciences at the University of Arizona), and Robert Scarborough, then Geologist for the Arizona-Sonora Desert Museum. Bob and Mick provided such a stimulating and informative experience that we have since organized further walks, and plan to continue this in the future.

The links to pages listed below take you to summaries of our knowledge gleaned thus far from these Walks, developed from information mainly provided by Mr. Meader and Mr. Scarborough. Following an overview of the time-sequence of geological Eras and Epochs, we then proceed to detail not the older era prominently displayed in our uplands (the Cretaceous Era), but the geological events more widely obvious in our region, in the order of their occurrence: Metamorphic Core Complexes; then the Basin-Range Faulting process; followed by Closed and Open Drainages; and then we will turn back to the older (and for us, more perplexingly complicated) Willow Canyon Formation and later Thrust-faulting.

1. Introduction: The Age of the Earth (and its signs in our area)

2. Metamorphic Core Complexes and Detachment Faulting

3. The Basin-Range Faulting process

4. More Recent Patterns: Closed and Opened Drainages

5. Older Patterns: Willow Canyon Formation and Later Thrust-faulting


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