Detail from Herbert Bolton's (1918) Map of Pimeria Alta:

Fr. Eusebio Kino's Trips to "the Sobaipuri of the East", 1691-1700

Note: each set of lines drawn along the map indicates distinct trips made by Father Kino. These details will not concern us further here. The center from which he worked was Dolores, toward the bottom of the map.

Bolton places "San Salvador del Bai-cat-can" (which Fr. Kino visited in 1692) directly east of San Xavier del Bac (Tucson) on the San Pedro, "La Victoria de Ojio" (home of Chief Humaric) near the mouth of the Aravaipa Creek, and Santa Ana de Quiburi (fortified home of Chief Coro) near the confluence of Babocomari Creek.

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