Wooly Star (Eriastrum diffusum)

(Click on the images below for flower closeup)


The images above were taken in lower Hot Springs Canyon on March 06, 2008. Here the petals look whitish but with a faint purplish tinge. The characteristically reddish-brown stems are most evident in the enlargement of the image at right. Note also the bristle-tipped, wooly heads (Epple p. 199).

Native to North America, Eriastrum species are fairly diverse. Ours is distinguished by its shiny green pinnate leaves (below), and flower colors vary from whitish to pale blue to purplish.

This earlier set of photographs was taken in Sierra Blanca Canyon Wash in March 2005. These had much more purplish to lavender petals.


Here, below, is a close-up of the tubular flower (Click on the image below to enlarge it):


Below, a view of the basal leaves: (Click on the image below to enlarge it):