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FLOWER WALK, Hot Springs Canyon, MARCH 2001

This flower-identification seminar was organized by Pearl Mast and David Omick, and was led by Professor Steve McLaughlin, a Botanist for the University of Arizona Arid Lands Program with details recorded by Elaine Nakash. Many thanks to Professor McLaughlin for a highly informative seminar.


Left, below, the group assembled at the Hot Springs Canyon Windmill Kiosk; at right, the walk begins on a slope just above David and Pearl's Canyon house:


Left, below: folks stand amazed at one stand of our desert flower crop; middle: continuing up various slopes in HSC. On the right, Professor McLaughlin (far right) discussing a flower type with Lisa Smith and Tim Frankenberger:

Below, left, Dr. McLaughlin discussing plant identification with seminar members; right, Dr. McLaughlin and Elaine Nakash, who took detailed notes of the day's work:

On this day, the fields were full of flowers of various kinds. For more images of the walk, the flowers, and a full account of the species list, see the links below (compiled by members of Saguaro Juniper Corporation):


Flower species list (with careful note-taking by Elaine Nakash)

SJ Wildflowers

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