Gambel's Quail (Callipepla gambelii)


(Click on each of the above images to enlarge it.)

At left, a Gambel's male stands watch over his flock (out of sight on the slopes behind him).

In the banner photo below, three males may be seen (as well as one female just right of the right-rear male), nervously herding a very large covey that includes many very small birds (probably 20 or so, now all out of the picture behind the Prickly Pear) as well as several females. The vehicle had stopped directly opposite where they were feeding, but the covey did not retreat abruptly into flight down the terrace beyond, instead they adopted a mobile but opposing front between their group and the intruder.

Below, males strutting their stuff:


Below, a male at far left beside his female; at right, two females:


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